TMCEC Welcomes Thomas Velez as Program Attorney!

Mark Goodner sat down with Thomas Velez to discuss Velez joining the TMCEC team.

MG: Well, we are approaching the end of week one with you as a member of our team here at TMCEC. Let me again reiterate how thrilled we are to have you onboard. How is everything going so far and what’s your focus been this first week?

TV: Honestly, it’s been a relief. Everybody is kind and welcoming and the scope of the work is fascinating. I feel like my focus this first week is getting to know my new colleagues, learning the language here at TMCEC, and figuring out how my experience can be useful to us and our constituents.

MG: That’s great. It sounds like you’re hitting the ground running! This blog post will, in some ways, serve to introduce you to our constituency. I’d like them to know that you’ve been an attorney for over 10 years, mostly working as a prosecutor focusing on domestic violence cases. In addition to that, what would you want our constituents to know about you—either regarding your work experience or personally or both?

TV: I have spent my career as a trial attorney – in the district, county, and municipal courts.  I think I would really like everybody to know that I am truly a nerd at heart. If I could study all day for a living and then talk about what I learned that is what I would do; so, I think that is why being with TMCEC feels so perfect.

MG: I agree. That is perfect! Next week, you will be in attendance to observe New Judges and New Clerks seminars. I know that will be a lot of information to absorb even for someone as knowledgeable and experienced as you. What do you plan to focus on in the coming weeks and months as a new team member for TMCEC?

TV: My passion is for how things operate in the real-world and so my goal is to really demonstrate to our constituency that their experience is seen and heard. My focus for the near future is lots of learning. And I learn by doing so that means I will really be trying to go feet first into as much as I can. The team here is brilliant and they are responsible for so many amazing resources. I am excited to hopefully contribute to their library of success in an essential and meaningful way.

MG: I appreciate you taking the time to chat with me today. Hopefully, our constituents will read about you and introduce themselves to you soon at an upcoming event!

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