Resource Highlight: Dual Office-Holding Made Easy

TMCEC often receives requests for information about dual office-holding. If you ever encounter these concerns, we first strongly suggest that you contact the city attorney with employment questions. In the end, legal advice about who a city employs and how should come from your own attorney, who may be familiar with confidential matters to whichContinue reading “Resource Highlight: Dual Office-Holding Made Easy”

From the 800 Line: Corporate Defendants

TMCEC staff attorneys answer legal questions on the 800 line (1.800.252.3718) every weekday. Below is a question received this week, a summary of TMCEC’s response, and some helpful resources. 800 Line Question: Our court has a backlog of violations issued to corporations and associations. Is it true that we cannot issue warrants for corporations? IfContinue reading “From the 800 Line: Corporate Defendants”

TMCEC’s 2022 Mental Health Conference is Two Weeks Away!

Mark Goodner sat down with Regan Metteauer to discuss TMCEC’s upcoming Mental Health Conference MG: Regan, the Mental Health Conference is quickly approaching. If I’m not mistaken, this will be our fourth Mental Health Conference—they began in 2016 and we have had them every two years. For those that have never been, can you tellContinue reading “TMCEC’s 2022 Mental Health Conference is Two Weeks Away!”

S.B. 6 Training Deadline: 90 Days or December 1, 2022?

Any municipal judge or magistrate has certainly heard about or discussed all of the bail-related changes as a result of S.B. 6 passing in August of 2021. TMCEC and other judicial training entities have offered and continue to offer training that satisfies Art. 17.024 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, as added by S.B. 6.Continue reading “S.B. 6 Training Deadline: 90 Days or December 1, 2022?”

The 2022 Impaired Driving Symposium is Quickly Approaching!

Mark Goodner sat down with Ned Minevitz to discuss the 2022 Impaired Driving Symposium. MG: Ned, we are two weeks away from the judges Impaired Driving Symposium (IDS). It is in many ways a different program from TMCEC’s typical offerings. For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with it, could you tell us aContinue reading “The 2022 Impaired Driving Symposium is Quickly Approaching!”

E-Filing in Municipal Courts

TMCEC has fielded questions regarding the authority of municipal courts to implement and use electronic filing, or e-filing, systems. In 2017, the Supreme Court of Texas and Court of Criminal Appeals issued an order, Misc. Docket No. 17-9039, requiring certain courts to adopt e-filing procedures. While municipal (and justice) courts are not included as requiringContinue reading “E-Filing in Municipal Courts”

What is the Status of your Court Security Committee?

Last week, TMCEC hosted its annual Court Security Conference here in Austin. More than 80 court professionals from around the state joined together to hear about and discuss court security from many different angles. In a session called The State of Court Security in Texas from Hector Gomez, Texas Office of Court Administration’s (OCA) SecurityContinue reading “What is the Status of your Court Security Committee?”

Texas Supreme Court Issues 51st Emergency Order

Yesterday (May 25, 2022), The Supreme Court of Texas issued the 51st Emergency Order Regarding the COVID-19 State of Disaster. The 51st Order renews the 49th Order with some amendments. Of note, all courts in Texas may, without a participant’s consent allow or require anyone involved in any hearing or other proceeding of any kindContinue reading “Texas Supreme Court Issues 51st Emergency Order”

Texas Supreme Court Has Issued Its 45th Emergency Order

On November 23, 2021, the Texas Supreme Court issued the 45th Emergency Order. As of today, it is not accessible on the website and has not, to my knowledge, been emailed out to court personnel by OCA. It was emailed to attorneys by the state bar, however. The pdf of the 45th order hasContinue reading “Texas Supreme Court Has Issued Its 45th Emergency Order”

TMCEC Retools and Retitles Low Volume Seminar as “Fundamentals: Constitutional Criminal Procedure and Legislative Changes”

Mark Goodner sat down with Ryan Turner and Elizabeth Rozacky to discuss the upcoming “Fundamentals” Seminar. MG: When I first started at TMCEC, I was able to attend what was the last Low Volume Seminar of 2008. After that, we kept the seminar in the archives so-to-speak for a dozen years. Thankfully, we brought itContinue reading “TMCEC Retools and Retitles Low Volume Seminar as “Fundamentals: Constitutional Criminal Procedure and Legislative Changes””