Resource Highlight: Dual Office-Holding Made Easy

TMCEC often receives requests for information about dual office-holding. If you ever encounter these concerns, we first strongly suggest that you contact the city attorney with employment questions. In the end, legal advice about who a city employs and how should come from your own attorney, who may be familiar with confidential matters to which TMCEC cannot be privy.

We can direct you to an excellent resource through the Texas Municipal League, optimistically titled “Dual Office Holding and Incompatibility Laws Made Easy.” Authored by Assistant General Counsel Zindia Thomas and Law Clerk Paloma Dominguez, the publication is available here (also embedded below). While it does not cover every possible permutation of the question of who may be a judge, it does an excellent job of laying out the basics and giving a foundation on the intent behind Texas dual office holding law. The fact that there are so many Attorney General Opinions related to dual office holding shows that every situation is unique.

Published by markgoodner

General Counsel & Director of Education, TMCEC

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