The 2022 Impaired Driving Symposium is Quickly Approaching!

Mark Goodner sat down with Ned Minevitz to discuss the 2022 Impaired Driving Symposium.

MG: Ned, we are two weeks away from the judges Impaired Driving Symposium (IDS). It is in many ways a different program from TMCEC’s typical offerings. For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with it, could you tell us a little bit about IDS?

NM: IDS is unique in that TMCEC co-hosts it with the Texas Justice Court Training Center, Texas Center for the Judiciary, and Texas Association of Counties. As such, judges from multiple levels of the Texas judiciary attend. This makes for an excellent networking opportunity. I would particularly recommend this conference to judges that sign blood warrants and set bond conditions on impaired driving cases. The faculty does a great job illustrating the role these procedures play in the lifespan of an impaired driving case.  I think it is valuable for municipal judges that perform these functions to understand them as part of a broad context. Conversing with county judges that preside over DWI trials really helps achieve this.

MG: Thanks, Ned. This year’s symposium takes place August 15-16 in Bee Cave at the Sonesta Hotel. Do we still have spots available? If so, how can someone register?

NM: Yes! There are spots left. Municipal judges may register at To view the agenda and other important information about this seminar, check out

IDS Flyer

MG: This is also a program funded by TxDOT and there are many expenses that are covered, right? This would not be as costly to city budgets as many other programs, isn’t that true?

NM: That is absolutely correct. TxDOT recognizes the critical role judges play in impaired driving prevention, so they have generously offered to reimburse travel and meals (within state and federal limits) for participants. Participants can receive a free night at the Sonesta Hotel as long as they live and work at least 30 miles from the conference site. For attorneys, CLE reporting is also free courtesy of TxDOT.

MG: That’s good to know. Finally, are there any topics or speakers you are especially excited about this year?

NM: Everything on the agenda excites me, but if I had to identify one topic, it would probably be the Search & Seizure class presented by Judge David Newell from the Court of Criminal Appeals. He brings levity and humor that really take his presentations to the next level.

MG: Judge Newell is always great. That will be a good session. Thanks for the information, Ned. We hope to see a good number of municipal judges there!

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