Municipal Judge Kirk Noaker Shares COVID-19 Experience

Burnet County Magistrate, Municipal Judge, and TMCEC faculty member Kirk Noaker spoke with Austin radio station KBEY yesterday about his experiences of falling ill and recovering from COVID-19.

Judge Noaker experienced a multitude of symptoms starting with a loss of taste and smell. After being tested, it took about a week to get the test result back. It was a very frustrating experience for Judge Noaker as medications didn’t seem to work. The illness lasted about two weeks for him (and also spread to his wife), and his most troubling symptom was uncontrolled rapid breathing that would last for up to five hours after going to bed. In addition to breathing issues, Judge Noaker experienced joint pain, nausea, diarrhea, sweating, weakness, fatigue, fever, and loss of appetite. The return of his senses of taste and smell seemed to indicate a turn for the better. We are so glad to hear that Judge Noaker is feeling better. Thankfully, he has recovered, but it sounds like it was quite an intense illness.

Listen to Judge Noaker’s experience at the link below, and stay safe!

Published by markgoodner

General Counsel & Director of Education, TMCEC

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