An Important Message: TMCEC Training Summer 2020

As our first entry to our newly rebuilt blog, Full Court Press, I would like to share an important message from TMCEC Executive Director, Ryan Turner, about what lies ahead with regards to live training for the rest of the academic year ending August 31, 2020.

To hear it from Ryan himself, watch the video below:

Ryan Turner, TMCEC Executive Director

In a nutshell, we want you to know the following:

Don’t Wait for In-Person Training

We, like you, are big believers in face-to-face educational experiences. However, COVID-19 has certainly given us new challenges. These new challenges have created opportunities for court personnel to complete needed judicial education hours and clerk certification hours entirely online. Throughout the state of disaster (and for 30 days after) the Rules of Judicial Education have been suspended that require live, continuous, in-person training. This means you can complete your education hours through webinars on TMCEC’s Online Learning Center (OLC). In the three month period (March – June), 8972 webinars were viewed on demand!

TMCEC Plans to Offer In-Person Events

We are first and foremost concerned with your safety as well as the safety of TMCEC faculty and staff. We remain committed to in-person educational experiences, but we don’t know exactly when those can safely happen again. For information regarding registration availability, please check our schedule and registration pages.          

We are Riding the Tiger, not Directing It

Resuming in-person depends on decisions made by state and local governments as well as the resources and physical capacity of hotels which serve as venues for TMCEC events. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, even hotels that are open for business and fully staffed may not be able to accommodate the number of people wanting to attend TMCEC events in-person because of the new safety guidelines.

When events do resume, please remember that even if you submit your registration online, you are not officially registered for an in-person event until you receive a registration confirmation message from TMCEC.

Virtual Conferences

In addition to all the fantastic OLC webinar offerings, TMCEC is also planning to offer online versions of its most anticipated conferences: the Mental Health Conference (August 12-14) and the Bail and Bonds Exposition & Showcase (August 25-26).  Details on how to register for the these conferences will be announced soon.  

We look forward to seeing you virtually!

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