Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration COVID-19 Waiver End Dates Announced by DPS, DMV

In March 2020, Governor Greg Abbott announced via two press releases that, due to the pandemic, certain rules related to expired driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations were suspended. Detailed information about these waivers can be viewed on TMCEC’s COVID-19 Update page, located at In both press releases, Governor Abbott gave the applicable agencies discretionContinue reading “Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration COVID-19 Waiver End Dates Announced by DPS, DMV”

What’s the Current State of Registration and Driver License Offenses in Texas?

Today TMCEC General Counsel and Director of Education, Mark Goodner, sat down virtually with Ned Minevitz, TMCEC TxDOT Grant Administrator and Program Attorney, to discuss an issue that, since March, has been frequently asked on TMCEC’s 800-line for legal questions: “What’s the current state of vehicle registration and driver license offenses in Texas?” MG: Ned,Continue reading “What’s the Current State of Registration and Driver License Offenses in Texas?”

The Four Notice Requirements added in 2017

Three years ago this week, I posted the following content on an earlier version of Full Court Press (still accessible at The post did not migrate to our new address. Since this very topic came up today in our Central Texas Virtual Regional Judges and Clerks seminars, I decided to post it again (withContinue reading “The Four Notice Requirements added in 2017”

Texas Supreme Court Issues 29th Emergency Order: What Municipal Courts Need to Know

Issued November 11, 2020, the 29th Emergency Order is effective immediately and expires February 1, 2021. The order, signed by Chief Justice Nathan L. Hecht (with Justice Blacklock dissenting), extends the 26th Emergency Order with amendments. All Courts All courts may without consent of participants:• Modify or suspend all deadlines and procedures for a statedContinue reading “Texas Supreme Court Issues 29th Emergency Order: What Municipal Courts Need to Know”

Virtual Regional Seminars Are In Full Swing

Here at TMCEC, we are now more than two months into the new Academic Year, and court personnel are in the midst of completing required continuing education. At the end of October, TMCEC hosted their first ever Virtual Regional Seminars. Over 140 judges and clerks attended the seminars, and everything went very smoothly. Mark GoodnerContinue reading “Virtual Regional Seminars Are In Full Swing”

TMCEC Opens Registration for Fall Events!

The 2021 Academic Year began this month, and TMCEC is busy with preparations for another year of excellent educational offerings. Due to the uncertainties of face-to-face training possibilities because of COVID-19, TMCEC has shifted from a single Academic Catalog to quarterly Academic Schedules. The first installment, AY 2021 Fall TMCEC Academic Schedule (September 1, 2020Continue reading “TMCEC Opens Registration for Fall Events!”

New Rule Regarding Firearm Admonishments Effective Today 9/1/2020

The Texas Judicial Council adopted a new Chapter (176) and a new rule regarding firearm admonishments in the Texas Administrative Code. Under the new rule, a trial court must inform a person of his or her ineligibility to possess a firearm or ammunition when the person, by entry of an order of judgment, becomes byContinue reading “New Rule Regarding Firearm Admonishments Effective Today 9/1/2020”

TMCEC Wraps Up Its First Virtual Traffic Safety Conference

TMCEC’s first Virtual Traffic Safety Conference comes to an end tomorrow. It was a new experience for us and for most of the participants. Mark Goodner sat down (virtually) with TxDOT Grant Administrator & Program Attorney, Ned Minevitz, to ask some questions about the conference. MG: Ned, the Virtual Traffic Safety Conference is wrapping upContinue reading “TMCEC Wraps Up Its First Virtual Traffic Safety Conference”

Municipal Judge Kirk Noaker Shares COVID-19 Experience

Burnet County Magistrate, Municipal Judge, and TMCEC faculty member Kirk Noaker spoke with Austin radio station KBEY yesterday about his experiences of falling ill and recovering from COVID-19. Judge Noaker experienced a multitude of symptoms starting with a loss of taste and smell. After being tested, it took about a week to get the testContinue reading “Municipal Judge Kirk Noaker Shares COVID-19 Experience”


TMCEC to Focus Exclusively on Distance Learning for Remainder of AY 2020 No More Waiting on COVID-19: More Certainty in Uncertain Times Dear Judges and Court Personnel: Because your safety, and the safety of our faculty and staff remain our top concern, TMCEC will not conduct “in-person” events for the remainder of this academic yearContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR”